Greetings from Olga Rostropovich

On the programme  booklet cover   we can see the  photgraph  of  a  happy  couple, their  faces  shining with  love. Love for  each  other, for  Life, for Art.

My  parents were  blessed  with astounding optimism, energy, and talent , which was  evident in   absolutely  everything  they  did.  Mother  and  Father  were  always  united,  even when they were in different  corners  of  the  globe... This   togetherness was a  sign  of   divine  approbation,  the  pledge of  their  happiness  and  success.

This  year's Festival, dedicated to Galina  Vishnevskaya  is a symbol of  my parents' special love  and  devotion, the  virtues of  fidelity and dignity.

Mother was always  beside us  during  the  Festival, from the  moment  of  its creation three  years  ago. She  gave  wise  counsel, and  came  to  hear the  concerts. When  she  appeared  in the hall  the  audience   automatically got  to  its  feet  — such  was the  force  of her personality and  talent. Today  our  thoughts  turn  towards her,  and also  of  course  towards  Father.  Now  they  are  reunited, and  they are  together  with us in these  days.    I  am  sure  that this will always  remain so.

Festival Artistic  Director

Olga  Rostropovich

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