ITOGI № 14, 08.04.2013

In  Slava's name !

A week ago the  IV the International Mstislav Rostropovich Festival  came  to  an end.

This event  has  already achieved a recognizable identity,  shorn of  any  hint  of official pomp, as is evident from the festival  title   itself, where  Rostropovich is present  not  just as a «name».  but  in himself.

Weighty  pronouncements  and  pathos are not features of  the  festival  organisers'  style. And this   restraint was all the more relevant this year, when the festival was tinged with sadness at the recent loss of Galina Vishnevskaya. It  was fitting  that this great  singer, with her   exceptional musical  gifts and  her  dedication  to transmitting her art should   be remembered  with  dignity Read more...

Rossiyskaya Gazeta, April 2, 2013 | «Olga Rostropovich in the footsteps of legendary parents»

The fourth Mstislav Rostropovich International Festival is taking place in Moscow, in honor of the legendary cellist and conductor. Olga Rostropovich, the artistic director of the festival and eldest daughter of Mstislav Rostropovich and Galina Vishnevskaya, talked with Rossiyskaya Gazeta about what it means to be the heir of two great musicians. Read more...

Rostropovich fest opens in Moscow | The Voice of Russia

Россия Москва памятник Мстислав Ростропович открытие Путин музыка памятник Ростроповичу

The opening concert at the Great Hall of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory features Giuseppe Verdi`s Requiem performed by the orchestra and choir of Italy’s Teatro Comunale di Bologna and soloists: Barbara Frittoli, Veronica Simeoni, Aquiles Machado and Riccardo Zanellato.

The 4th Rostropovich International Music Festival will open in Moscow on March 27th, which marks the birthday of the great Russian cellist. This year it will be held in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Orenburg in the Ural Region.  Well-known musical groups and soloists from Italy, Germany, Britain, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, Finland, and of course, Russia will perform in Moscow within a 7-day period. Read more...

IZVESTIA March 21, 2013

Olga Rostropovoich: «The main thing is not  to  despair  when they say NO»
The  heir to a musical  dynasty, Olga  Rostorpovich  speaks  about   the  Rostropovich Festival,  the monument  to  Vishenskaya  and  of Usmanov's  gift.

The  elder  daughter of Mstislav  Rostropovich and  Galina  Vishnevskaya  is preparing  another   festival  in honour  of  her  father,  which  opens  on 27th  March at  the  Grand  Hall of  the  Moscow Conservatoire. Olga Rostropovich  told  a  commentator  from «Izvestiya»  why  she  likes  to plant birch  trees  and  why  she  doesn't  seek  for  sponsors Read more...

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